Wetting Agents

Ground Force Leisure supply their own competitively priced range of wetting agents for sports turf, golf greens and golf courses..

As all turf managers know, moisture flow through the soil profile is one of the most important characteristics of a soil. Beneath the surface in affected areas the soil is extremely dry and will not easily re-wet. Research in the UK has shown that the build-up of waxes and lipids around the sand/soil particles that cause dry patch are concentrated at the soil thatch interface and this area is referred to as the hydrophobic zone.

Wetting agents act as penetrants, breaking the surface tension and allowing soil moisture to flow through the soil profile or by stripping off the waxy layer created by dry patch and thatch fungus or by retaining soil moisture next to the soil particle.

Fusion Wetting Agent

Fusion Wetting Agent is an important and valuable water management tool suitable for use in all amentity turf. Fusion offers soil penetrant qualities and the ability to aid water holding capacity, thereby improving water movement through the rootzone and impairing water distribution within the root zone.

  • Improves water penetration
  • Improves water distribution
  • Reduces the requirement for irrigation
  • Reduces water related stress
  • Effectively disperses dew and guttation
  • Encourages a healthy balance of air and water in the rootzone
  • Provides an improved environment for healthy root growth
  • Helps to prevent dry patch and/or helps to over come dry patch

At Ground Force Leisure we can also supply a 100% active tablet containing the Fusion Wetting Agent for immediate relief of plant stress caused by hydrophobic soil conditions.

Wetting Agent WET X

Wet X is another product in the Ground Force Leisure range, it is an economical, concentrated wetting agent specially formulated for the turf industry. Easy to mix, WET X is readily absorbed into soil particles alleviating hydrophobic water repellent conditions. The product is a very effective wetting agent and is ideal for treating all areas of sports turf industry including greens, tees, fairways, and sports pitches.

syngenta, vitax and headland wetting agents

Ground Force Leisure also supply a wide selection of the industry’s best selling wetting agents from leading manufacturers such as Syngenta, Vitax and Headland in granular, liquid and tablet form.

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