Top Dressings & Loams

Ground Force Leisure offer a range of top dressings, bunker sands, root zones, loams, sands, aggregates and bark for use in the maintenance of all types of sports surfaces, from the finest turf of golf and bowling greens through to outfield turf such as hockey, football and rugby pitches, cricket wicket and tennis loams. All dressings are available either bagged or in bulk.

Top Dressing Sports Turf

Applying a top dressing is an integral part of any sports turf or lawn renovation. The purpose of top dressing is to create a level surface, improve drainage, improve drought resistance, encourage the breakdown of thatch and encourage a healthy dense sward. Generally top dressing is applied in the spring and autumn when there is sufficient moisture to allow the dressing to be washed in, though the dressing is usually ‘dragged’ in with a drag mat or drag brush.


Ground Force Leisure supply a range of specialist sand that can be used as equestrian sand, sports sand, synthetic surface sand, or even turf sand.

Root Zones

Ground Force Leisure supply a range of root zones in a variety of forms and quantities that can be used with a drag mat to suit a multitude of purposes and also sports renovation and remedial work with specifically incorporated additional organic matter.

Sports Turf Loams

Ground Force Leisure supply a range of loams compatible with the majority of cricket wickets, whether maintaining to a county level or school wicket standard and can be applied for all end of season repairs, in season maintenance and repair as well as new constructions.

roffey brothers

Roffey Brothers is another leading producer of loams, The Kaloam has established itself as one of the most popular loams for cricket squares in the UK. Other loams in the range includes: Mendip Loam, Surrey Loam and Growloam.

Aggregates and Bark

Ground Force Leisure offers a variety of high quality aggregates and bark whatever your specific requirements or budget.

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