Ground Force Leisure can supply an extensive range of professional quality hand, broadcast and drop spreaders from leading manufacturers such as Earthway, Scotts and Vitax. Ground Force Leisure supply spreaders used for spreading everything from granular fertiliser, salt top dressing to grass seed and used by golf courses, cricket pitches, football and rugby grounds, bowling greens and playing fields.

earthway spreaders

The Earthway Ev-n-Spred Spreaders range varies from small area broadcast 18-20kg capacity spreaders and the Ev-n-Spred Deluxe Broadcast Spreaders with a 18-36kg capacity to the EV-n-Spred Commercial Broadcast Spreader series (23-45kg capacity) and the Ev-n-Spred line of professional broadcast spreaders featuring the EV-n-Spred Pro Dual Port Adjustable Shut Off System, Twin Tube Chassis and Super-Duty gearbox. for larger areas with rough or hilly terrains.

scotts spreaders

Scotts Spreaders range from handheld economical and compact spreaders for small jobs to broadcast spreaders ranging from the Turf Builder Edgeguard Mini to the Turf Builder Edgeguard DLX with their exclusive Edgeguard technology and not forgetting the Turf Builder Classic Drop Spreader providing superior accuracy for consistent greening and complete coverage.

vitax supaturf broadcast spreaders

Vitax Supaturf Broadcast Spreaders range from the 25kg capacity pedestrian spreader (SSR50), ideal for smaller areas up to the 56kg large capacity pedestrian operated deluxe spreader (SSR 125SS). If access is restricted then the Supaturf Drop Spreader (SSR60D) is an ideal machine.

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