Sprayers & Spraying Aids

Ground Force Leisure supply a competitively priced and extensive range of professional pedestrian and knapsack quality spraying machines and spraying aids - including drift reducers, defoamers and spray tank cleaners.

Spraying materials, opposed to spreading them within a granular formulation, greatly extends the range of active chemical controls available and they can be widely used on all amenity areas including golf courses, cricket pitches, football and rugby pitches, bowling greens and playing fields.

team sprayers

Team Sprayers have been designing and manufacturing sprayers and applicators since 1981. They manufacture a range of pedestrian mounted and demounted sprayers capable of handling any application situation. Both the Team Cub and Team Scout pedestrian sprayers have been designed for the green keeper/groundsman who requires a simple efficient and reliable pedestrian sprayer.

Knapsack sprayers offers the opportunity to correctly apply liquid fertilisers, herbicides, liquid iron, pesticides, fungicides and bio-stimulants to help control weeds, diseases, pests and obtain strong healthy turf, as they are mounted on the operator; this provides greater flexibility allowing the user to spot treat in difficult to reach situations, making the knapsack sprayer an adaptable piece of kit.

chapin sprayers

Chapin sprayers are world renowned so no matter which sprayer you choose you can be assured your getting value, versatility, quality, convenience, strength and durability. Ground Force Leisure can supply both handheld and knapsack sprayers from Chapin. Their most widely used sprayers by groundkeeper/groundsman are:

  • Pro-Series 61800 Knapsack Sprayer 15L
  • Pro-Series 64800 Knapsack Sprayer 15L
  • Tree & Turf Pro 61950 Knapsack Sprayer 15L
  • Tree & Turf Pro Poly Knapsack Sprayer 15L
  • Pro Series 26031 Handheld Sprayer 11.4L

cooper pegler spraying technology

Cooper Pegler is another world renowned company in the forefront of spraying technology offering the highest quality sprayers along with a wide range of spares and accessories.

For more than three decades the Cooper Pegler classic range of sprayers has been the preferred choice by agricultural, horticultural and amenity users world-wide, as the most durable, robust and accurate agro chemical applicator.

The Cooper Pegler 2000 Series is of recent design and has set world-wide standards for comfort and safety. With its unique ergonomical design and built to fulfil international safety standards, it is a most comfortable, safe and capable piston pump knapsack sprayer.

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