Whatever the sport, Ground Force Leisure can meet all your sport turf irrigation and golf course irrigation challenges and help you achieve the optimal water management system in order to achieve the greenest greens, the fairest fairways or the perfect sports pitch. We supply a comprehensive range of irrigation equipment and accessories suitable for every budget for the professional amenity and sports industries.

If the plant is showing signs of stress there is already a significant soil moisture deficit; applications of water through the growing season can prevent stress arising and maintain healthy growth.

Our Irrigation product range comprises of the following categories:

  • Travelling Sprinklers, ideal for large areas such as Football and Rugby Pitches and Golf courses.
  • Static Sprinklers, very versatile and saves on time management.
  • Hand Held Sprinklers, Applicators and Nozzles to water those hard to reach areas.
  • Sprinkler Hoses, perforated to produce a gentle sprinkler effect. The products are suitable for cricket pitches, golf courses and professional turf managers.
  • Hose Reels for all amenity and sporting areas to ensure large quantites of hose can be delivered
  • Tricoflex Hose Pipes the professionals choice.
  • Irrigation pumps designed to remove water from flooded areas.
  • Hose fittings and Connectors, durable push fit hose attachments for all your irrigation needs.
  • Accessories and much more.

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