Ground Force Leisure supply the greenkeeper/groundsman with a wide range of weed killer for sports turf and professional herbicides that are suitable for a variety of weed control issues on golf courses, golf greens and sports fields.

At Ground Force Leisure, we can supply top quality brands of total weed killers which targets all weeds and grasses, excellent for clearing large areas of unwanted foliage, at competitive prices to suit any budget.

The majority of total weed killer products contain the active ingredient glyphosate, a translocated contact herbicide. The glyphosate is taken up through the foliage, and translocated throughout the whole plant, glyphosphate is a safe and effective total weed killer, While also being affordable.

We supply Roundup Pro Biactive, the choice for professionals across the UK and other glyphosate based weed killers by Rosate, Pistol (contains diflufenican which is extremely hydrophobic) and Festival to name a few as well as weed killer for lawns and woody areas that don’t harm grasses.

We also have an extensive range of selective weed killer products from leading brands like Relay, Esteem, Estermone and Blaster for targeting certain weeds, including woody weeds on sports turf, as well as selective weed killers for weed grasses in turf, such as Rescue selective herbicide, this is a specialised product for professional use on fine turf and golf roughs to control rye and other coarse grass weeds such as yorkshire fog and purple moor grass, and weed killers for moss.

For any herbicide to function it must first break through the waxy surface of the leaf and enter the plant cells. This is achieved by developing a formulation containing an adjuvant or surfactant which breaks down the waxy cuticle.

The active ingredients in most selective weed killers have been specifically formulated to prevent damage to turf and surrounding foliage, which is imperative when treating weeds on golf courses sports stadiums and amenity areas where turf or plant health is an important factor.

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