Ground Force Leisure offer the greenkeeper/groundsman with a range of professional fungicides for golf courses and sports grounds containing a variety of active ingredients as a means to control grass fungus diseases such as fusarium, anthracnose, red thread, snow mould, take-all patch, leaf spot, fairy rings, brown patch, dollar spot and rust.

Fungicide is widely used in the spring and autumn when sufficient moisture and warmth causes grass fungus to become active and damage turf. These diseases can be used preventatively with the use of a systemic fungicide or curatively with a contact fungicide to treat existing disease.

Turf disease identification is key to selecting the appropriate fungicide, this will ensure that you can control outbreaks of fusarium, anthracnose and red thread but prevention is better than cure and appropriate cultural management by feeding at the correct time and analysis suited to the season and where necessary using turf hardeners to fend off disease pressure.

Ground Force Leisure supply a wide range of well known systemic and contact fungicides for golf greens and sports fields such as Heritage Maxx, Banner Maxx, Instrata, Medallion TL, Headway and Pandora to name just a few. These are used by turf care professionals on golf courses, sports grounds, bowling greens, cricket pitches and tennis courts.

  • Heritage Maxx is a powerful broad spectrum fungicide which is extremely gentle on turf. Heritage Maxx is the only systemic strobilurin fungicide which effectively protects turf as it grows, combatting disease infection from within.
  • Banner Maxx is broad spectrum foliar fungicide with systemic properties for control of fusarium patch, dollar spot, anthracnose and brown patch on managed amenity turf and amenity grassland.
  • Instrata fungicide uses a unique three-way mode of action for disease infection.The new active ingredient fludioxonil protects on the leaf, in the thatch and at the soil surface and the proven propiconazole and chlorothalonil target diseases at every stage of the life-cycle and gives both contact and systemic activity in the plant.
  • Medallion TL is a very fast acting fungicide. It uses fludioxonil as an active ingredient to work by directly targeting disease pathogens on the leaf, in the thatch and at the soil surface; this allows Medallion TL to deliver a quick answer to turf disease and is proven to give long lasting protection throughout the lower temperature months ranging Autumn to early Spring.
  • Pandora is a contact and systemic turf fungicide with both curative and preventative action. It is used for the control of fusarium, red thread, dollar spot and anthracnose.

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